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How can we be sure?

In our passage today, three of Jesus’ disciples are following him to the top of a mountain, their heads filled with questions and uncertainties as they wrestle with the difficult things Jesus has just told them. How can they trust what he says? How can they be sure they are following the right person? Isn’t…


When the disciples return from their ministry tour in the villages around Galilee, they could be excused for thinking they already knew everything about Jesus. Yet in our passage today, we see there are significant blind spots in their understanding of who Jesus really is, blindspots which we often share with them. Join with us…

Time for a U-Turn?

This week we think about a word loaded with emotional baggage, ‘repentance’. So what is it, and why is it so important? We answer those questions by looking at a King who makes a whole host of mistakes, but refuses to admit to them! Focus Text: Mark 6:14-29

Hope for the desperate

We continue our series in the gospel of Mark by looking at a very timely passage for our current situation as a nation. Two people approach Jesus for help amidst their desperation and his response gives them hope; and us too, if we would but ask for it in faith. Focus Text – Mark 5:21-43