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Celebrate, Serve, Tell & Exit

We take a little break from our series in Mark by talking to Rico Tice from All Souls Langham Place & Christianity Explored Ministries, to discuss how we might be better equipped to share the good news of the gospel with our family, friends, neighbours and colleagues.

A divisive test for Jesus

In Mark 10 the Pharisees once again arrive with the intention of tricking Jesus into saying something controversial. Yet Jesus sees right through not only their intentions but their hearts. In sharing some counter-cultural teaching on Divorce, Jesus directs them away from their own hard-hearted attitudes toward his gracious redemption. 

True Greatness

How do you define & determine greatness? Perhaps a question we would all answer differently, but this week we are going to see how Jesus defines it. So join us as we think upon what greatness looks like in the kingdom of God. Focus Text: Mark 9:33-50