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The Steps to Baptism

Today we look at Acts 8 to discovery the key ingredients in an individuals life that lead them to be baptised. John with us as we examine the events that took place during a miraculous meeting between a Christian leader called Phliip and a ‘God seeker’ from Ethiopia. 

How Long O God?

When Habakkuk finds himself in a situation of great difficulty he cries to God, asking Him how long his pain will last and why He (God) is not doing anything about it. When God answers it isn’t quite the response Habakkuk is looking for – yet in this response, and in Habakkuk’s resulting complaint we…

The Moment Everything Changed

It is the most significant moment in all of history, yet we have heard about it so many times that its magnitude can often be diminished. Today, as we look at Mark’s account of the crucifixion of Christ, we ask what it all means and why it changed everything.  Focus Text is Mark 15:16-39

Truth on Trial

Jesus is taken into the religious council in Jerusalem where he is put on trial and all his statements are examined. It’s a trial that will help us to examine what he calls truth alongside all that the world calls truth. Focus Text is Mark 14:53-72

Learning How to Trust

In our passage today we see Jesus fully submitting himself to all that God has planned for his life. It’s not an easy thing to do at all, but we will see and learn the foundational truth that enables him to do such a diffult thing – a truth that will help us to do…