A Gospel-Centred Community

Long Story Short

The great finale

Today Nathan Davidson, one of the Elders here at HBC, concludes our year long study on the continuous story told through the pages of Scripture. A story which ends with hope, joy & perfect redemption for all who put their trust in the salvation only found in Jesus. 

Living a Life of Exile

As God’s chosen people head off into exile in a foreign land, they are told to ‘seek the welfare of the city they are in’. We look at the book of Daniel to see what that looked like and ask what it means for us living as Christians in an increasingly secular world.

What’s so bad about idolatry?

When 30 year old Ezekiel finds himself ‘employed’ by God as a prophet to His people, he has a tough message to bring, a message that shows us why idolatry is such a wicked thing in God’s eyes. Yet like all of the prophets, God also uses him to offer hope, hope of a new…

Exiled yet hopeful

As His people continue their downward spiral, God raises up a prophet named Jeremiah to tell them of their impending exile. But what will they do? How should they respond? Why should they keep trusting God? Where is their greatest hope to be found?