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Ephesians: Living out the gospel

Last words

Paul uses the final words of his letter to remind the Ephesians of all he has shared with them in this letter, encouraging them to stay strong and keep the faith! N.B due to technical issues, this recording is of poor quality.

How to pray for Mission

Paul has already prayed twice in this letter for the believers in Ephesus, but now it his turn to ask them to pray for him. It is in this request, and in the many others like it found within some of his other letters, we find how we can pray more effectively for those involved…

Be careful how you walk!

How should the gospel shape our every day lives? Its a question that we often ask and its a question that Paul answers in his letter to the Ephesians. In our time together we discover the practical differences the gospel makes, the importance of paying attention to how we live and scratch the surface of…