A Gospel-Centred Community

Acts: To the Ends of the Earth

Defending the Message

As Paul is in the Temple in Jerusalem he is seized by an angry crowd and severely beaten. His rescue comes in the form of the Roman army seeking to prevent any further riots. As a result he gets the chance to either defend himself or to defend the message Christ has given him to…

Paul’s Ministry Seminar

As Paul heads to Jerusleum he makes a quick stopover near the city of Ephesus. His intention, to spend some time with the Elders he had trained and established whilst he was pastor there. It’s a time when the realities of long term church ministry are laid bear – the encouragements, the challenges & the…

Fine Lines

During this mornings message, the last of our studies in Acts during our morning services, we look at Paul’s return visit to the church in Ephesus and find a group of people who discover they need more than just knowledge of Jesus.