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1 Samuel: The Lord's Anointed

Life defining faith

When David is presented with another opportunity to murder Saul, ending this seemingly never-ending battle, he makes a choice that demonstrates how life-defining his faith in God is. The question is, do we have faith like that? Focus Text: 1 Samuel 26

Providence or a test?

David and his followers are hiding in a large cave when all of a sudden an oblivious King Saul walks into to ‘relieve himself’. David is suddenly thrust into making a quick decision as to whether this is providence or a test of his integrity. Focus Text: 1 Samuel 25

A wasted life

As King Saul heads even further down the skipper the slope of envy & bitterness we see how futile it is to try & fight the ways of God and ask ourselves if it is a fight we often try to take up. Focus text – 1 Samuel 19