A Gospel-Centred Community

Sermons on Daniel

Living a Life of Exile

As God’s chosen people head off into exile in a foreign land, they are told to ‘seek the welfare of the city they are in’. We look at the book of Daniel to see what that looked like and ask what it means for us living as Christians in an increasingly secular world.

An Earnest Prayer

In Daniel 9 we discover Daniel reading the book of Jeremiah. As he reads his heart is stirred and he begins to pray for his people. We look at his prayer and find some inspiration for our own prayer life whilst reflecting on the God we serve and The Saviour who gives us hope.

4 Common Fears Exposed

As we continue our study in the book of Daniels we discover a passage that exposes 4 of our most common fears when facing hard times. Yet within the same passage we find the answer to all our fears so that we need not despair when trials come.