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What is a community group?
A Community Group is group of disciples who find their identity in Jesus, worship God together, care for one another, spur each other toward godliness and own the mission to see more people come to know Jesus.

What’s the point of having Community Groups?
Our community groups have four purposes:

One of the primary functions of community groups within the church is pastoral care (counselling, discipleship, etc.). Our aim is to ensure that every active member of the church is under the care of a community group leader or elder/pastor.

The format of our community groups has been designed to allow relationships for discipleship and growth to be formed naturally. This in turn provides opportunity for growth, as well as leadership development within the church, allowing members to grow and fulfil the specific calling that God has for them. The overall structure of our groups provides a network through which discipleship can naturally occur within relationships that are consistent and intentional.

One of the purposes of the community group leadership structure is to implement the vision and accomplish the mission of the church. The structure is designed to promote ownership of the mission of Horham Baptist Church at the group level as they carry out the mission in their own neighbourhood. We intentionally try to build our structure around geographic regions to emphasize the neighbourhood strategy.

Though less glamorous than the shepherding purposes above, the structure of groups does provide some other necessary functions. A good structure facilitates communication throughout the body. It provides channels for communicating vision and values as well as needs in an efficient and effective way. In this way, it also allows leaders to be more a part of the leadership process of the church. The leadership structure provides us with enough oversight that we can empower the community group leaders to employ initiatives and express Gospel-centred community in new and unique ways. By providing a consistent structure we have freedom in the way community is expressed in particular contexts.

How often do they meet?
The groups currently meet twice a month on nights that best suit those in each group to pray and study together. They also meet socially each month to eat together, and once a month all the groups meet at the church to pray together.

What do you do at a Community Group?
Study the Bible and discuss it, share life with one another, pray for each other, encourage each other, drink tea & coffee, eat cake, discuss some more!

How many are there in a group?
The number of people in each group ranges from 8 to 12 people. There are a wide variety of ages and backgrounds within each group to ensure that discussion is both relevant and challenging.

Where do the groups meet?
The groups tend to meet in the Community Group leader’s home, though some do meet in the home of another member of the group.


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