A Gospel-Centred Community

Parents FAQ’s

This page contains a whole host of questions that we have been asked by parents over the years of running kids & youth clubs here at HBC. Hopefully you will find the answers you need using this list. However, If you still have some questions that you would like to ask then please get in touch with us using our contact form.

Do we have to pay for these activities?
All of our activities are free. Children and young adults are very important to us here at Horham and as a church we very are happy to be able to provide lots of the activities free of charge. The Friday clubs do take a small amount towards running costs. If there is an outing entailing a cost, lot’s of notice is given and the church usually subsidises a large portion of this using the weekly attendance fees.

What type of activities might my child do?
The activities that your child might do will depend on which session they attend. Toddler Time and Little Learners is all about exploring and playing. Megamix and Switch focus on games, crafts, cooking and outings. Transformers and Transitions have many of the Friday night club activities but with a slightly more in-depth  application of the Bible.

Could I observe a session?
Yes. This can be arranged for any session. Please contact Clare Blomfield if you wish to arrange this.

What facilities are there available?
We have a Crèche running during our Sunday morning services and there is a private baby changing station available. When the weather permits, the children at Toddler Time are able to use our outside safe play area (this is for the 5’s and under). The clubs and Transformers operate in the main hall which is large and has an area that can be sports orientated as well as a carpet area for more sedate games! Little Learners has a nursery type room and Transitions has its own teenage room with a large TV & sofa. 

As a family we have lots of things going on in our lives, do children have to attend an activity every week?
No. We know how busy family life is and we are not a school. We hope your children want to come as much as possible to any of our activities, however there is absolutely no pressure as to when and where children join us. We do not require you to let us know if your child will not be attending a session, unless a special trip out has been arranged. However, as with most of the other parents, you will probably find the relationships you build with our leaders will naturally result in lots of communication anyway.

Does my child have to be religious to attend?
No.  We welcome all children to our events. We are not looking for ‘religious’ children and there is no special treatment given to those who do have a faith in Jesus.

Are there any refreshments provided at these activities?
Yes. A snack and drink is provided at all of our activities except Switch which has a tuck shop open during the club.

How many children do you work with at one time? Is there a maximum amount?
We operate within the current guidelines for the necessary ratio of adults to children. We are not operating at our capacity of children in any of our groups at present, however if the need arose then we have other experienced personnel available to us at short notice.

Does my child have to read the bible?
There is no pressure for any child to read the bible. However, given the high value we place on it, we will from time to time encourage children who can read, to look at age appropriate bibles with the activity leaders. This is done in an engaging and interactive setting though, so no child feels the pressure to read alone.

Do you have a discipline procedure?
Yes. Each group has a set of guidelines which are explained to the children when they join. Our activity leaders are experienced in dealing with many issues that come from working with children and if you feel that there is an issue not being addressed, we would encourage you to speak to one of the leaders or to our youuth co-ordinator, Clare Blomfield.

Are all of your kids/youth activity leaders DBS checked?
Yes. We ensure that all of our leaders are DBS checked before undergoing our safeguarding training .

Do you have a safeguarding policy?
Yes. You are more than welcome to look at our current safeguarding policy. You can do this by clicking on the following link: Horham Baptist Church Safeguarding Policy.

What measure do you take to ensure my child is kept safe?
We regularly undertake necessary risk assessments for each activity and ensure there are at least TWO level 1 first-aiders at ever single session. The premise doors are secured during each activity and there is a strict procedure for the signing in/out of all children & young adults. A large percentage of our leaders and helpers are also fellow parents, so have many years of experience with children of all ages.