A Gospel-Centred Community

Sermons by Adam Blowes (pastor)

A sending church

Today we get another look at the church in Antioch and ask what it is that helped them to be willing to sacrifice their comfort to obey the Spirit and send out missionaries for the sake of others. Focus text – Acts 13:1-12

Two Certainties

When Peter is arrested by the King and placed in a heavily guarded prison cell to await his execution, the church gathers to pray. What God does next is beyond even their wildest imagination! Focus Text – Acts 12

An everyday church

The new testaments churches were always places of constant excitement and incredible happenings weren’t they? Well today we will be looking to answer that very question b studying the report of the church in Antioch, the birth place of the name ‘Christians’, found at the end of Acts 11.


So God’s people have asked for a king; in our passage today we are introduced to a young man who stands head & shoulders above the rest – though he is as yet unknown. So how does he come to meet Samuel? Providence! 1 Samuel 9:1-10:16

More than one way to feed an idol

Just days after the fierce persecution of the Jerusalem church begins, we find Philip in the ‘foreign’ land of Samaria sharing the message of Jesus. Some believe, others have a plan to use it all for their own gain… what could possibly go wrong!? Have a listen to find out! Acts 8:4-25