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Joseph & His Brothers

A so called success

Today we come to the point in Josephs life that is so often viewed as the long awaited success; the moment in which he receives the glory, power, credit he is due after all the suffering he has had to endure. Yet when we begin to scratch the surface of this great chapter, we will…

Serving in an unlikely place

As we continue on with our series ‘Joseph & his brothers’ we find Joseph still in prison. Yet when two more inmates arrive, things begin to change; Joseph gives a great example of what it looks like to serve others when they’re in need and we are brought face to face with some issues which…

Accused but not forgotten

It seems almost impossible that Joseph could be accused of adultery and locked away in prison after he remained so faithful in the face of such strong temptation – no one would blame us for thinking that God had forgotten him! Yet what we will see this morning is that God has far from forgotten…

Tempted yet faithful

Joseph is making great progress in the household of Potiphar, he has more responsibility than any other and Potiphar trusts him with all he has. Yet the talents of Joseph have not gone unnoticed, Potiphar’s wife takes a liking to Joseph, but what will he do when he is tempted by her?  

Hated & despised

We being our new morning sermon series looking at the life of Joseph & his brothers by exploring the reason why Joseph’s brothers hated him so much they wanted to kill him; what we will see is a huge similarity between what was in their hearts then and whats in our own hearts today.