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Acts: To the Ends of the Earth

More than one way to feed an idol

Just days after the fierce persecution of the Jerusalem church begins, we find Philip in the ‘foreign’ land of Samaria sharing the message of Jesus. Some believe, others have a plan to use it all for their own gain… what could possibly go wrong!? Have a listen to find out! Acts 8:4-25

A reason to face the wolves

In our passage today we come face to face with those who seek to ‘ravage’ the church. We will see the incredible way Christ uses the persecution of his church to further his kingdom and ask what we can do to prepare to do the same. Passage – Acts 8:1-8

Speed bump or roadblock?

The early church is growing quickly – so it’s no surprise it’s leaders are stretched and their ministry to the church is spread thinly. Today we will see an issue arise which threatens the unity & effective ministry of the church; a threat with the potential to either slow the work or completely stop it…


As the number of believers increases, so does the number of people seeking to stop the message of Jesus spreading any further. Like them, we will see just how unstoppable that message really is. Acts 5:21-42